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19\" Pentair Triton sand Filter

Pentair Triton® and Tagelus® Sand filters
Triton® and Tagelus®, the filters that may outlive your pool…
The original and still the industry standard. Sand filters are one of the most popular ways to filter
water. They are simple, effective and require very little attention. Pool water is routed through a
sand-filled pressure vessel. The sand traps particles large and small… so small they are undetectable to
the human eye. But not all sand filters are created equal.
Triton® is the result of over 40 years of production evolution and refinement. It has set the industry
standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long service intervals and for providing years of dependable, low
maintenance operation.
Tagelus® provides consistent, high performance cleaning of each litre of water that passes through it.
The key is a combination of design features which eliminate "channelling", a condition that allows the
dirty water to race through the filter too quickly for effective cleaning.

• One-piece, fibreglass reinforced tank with UV resistant coating. Seamless composite construction eliminates possibilities of leaks. Cannot rust or corrode
• Flow system design controls filtration quality and ensures maximum run times between backwashing
• Easy-to-read top mounted pressure gauge (Triton®) with manual air relief
• A 360° diffuser (Triton®) to keep the sand bed flat for optimum filtration. The diffuser has a "swing-away" design for instant access to sand
• Top-mounted six-position multi-port valve (Tagelus®) with sight glass, built-in pressure gauge, manual air relief valve, flange connections and clamp ring to make inspection and routine maintenance fast, safe and easy
• Easy-to-use water drain for simplified service and winterising
• All filter fittings are threaded for easy servicing
• Filter laterals have a Bayonet connection for easy servicing
• Max. operating temperature 50°C and 3.5 bar max. operation
• 10 year tank warranty






ClearPro® is a patented technology designed by Pentair to acheive very fine levels of filtration 4 times
better than a conventional sand filter (approx 10μ vs 40μ).

Filtration Level





Type F-36S8-TRV  
Connection 2"
Weight of sand 310 kg
Gravel 3-5mm 120 kg
Design flow 32 m³/h
Filter area 0,64


Swimming pool pump, Heating system and filter frost protection
Swimming pool pump, Heating system and filter frost protection
£ 175
20% VAT incl.

£ 160
20% VAT incl.