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Calorex Delta Heat Recovery System

Heat recovery, air conditioning, dehumidification and ventilation system designed for domestic & commercial indoor swimming pools.


Having an indoor swimming pool is a fantastic source of pleasure to its users and provides  many hours of enjoyment and exercise  year round. Your pool can be just for your family and friends or part of a commercial venture in a hotel or club, the owners need to be sure that the pool hall structure is protected for the future. In either case, they also need reassurance that energy usage and running costs are kept to a minimum. The Calorex Delta system provides the best combination, providing maximum comfort with the assurance of economy, efficiency and reliability. With Calorex, CO2 emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Total Control
Control of an indoor pool room environment requires many different interrelated functions to ensure ideal conditions. The Delta system combines the following eight main  features all in one unit and offers other features besides.

  1. Humidity Control
  2. Pool Hall Air Heating
  3. Pool Hall Cooling
  4. Air Conditioning (Delta 4 and above)
  5. Pool Water Heating
  6. Fresh Air Ventilation
  7. Energy Recovery
  8. Air Quality Control

Complies with 2013 Energy Related Product Regulations and is 2010 Part F compliant. When the humidity rises the Delta units compressor together with the water circulating pump are switched on and the heat recovery and dehumidification processess begin. The Latent and Sensible energy available in the humid air is recovered and returned to the pool water and air via the built-in heat exchangers. Whenever the recovered energy is insufficient to meet the water and/or air heating load, then a signal is sent to start a Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW) Boiler. The clever electronics inside.

The Delta directs recovered energy and heat from the boiler to wherever it is needed most. Each Delta incorporates a fully integrated control system with relevant information clearly displayed on the control panel. A time clock also allows automatic control of the air temperature set back facility. The opening / closing of the pool cover may be linked to this control to save even more energy. Should the humidity level continue to rise fresh air dampers are automatically opened and fresh air from outside is drawn in to ‘sweep’ out the excess humidity. All humid pool hall air extracted in this way is first passed through a dynamic heat exchanger where the latent and sensible energy is stripped away and redirected to the colder fresh incoming air. This efficient method of ventilation removes more energy than conventional heat recovery methods. With good design and maximum energy recovery the Delta system assures low running costs - great news for any pool manager!
Many pool enclosures incorporate large areas of external glass. Delta models 4 and above provide  cooling when the air temperatures in the pool hall rise beyond the set point. The surplus heat is put firstly into the pool if heating is required, if the pool is satisfied, it is then exhausted to outside.

Major Cash Back Incentive!
Aside from the fact that they are the best in the marketplace, the Delta 14 and 16 also feature a major cash incentive for commercial projects. They are the only specialist swimming pool heat pump heat recovery machines to be included in the ECA Scheme (Government cash-back allowance). Because they are recognised as being able to provide low carbon and energy efficient environmental control solutions they benefit from a 100 per cent write-off against taxable profits in the first year. In addition to the ECA Capital Allowances, organisations can also apply for a Carbon Trust interest-free loan thus claiming tax relief on the capital sum in the first year with the added benefit of an extended repayment term.



















Note - Schematics show typical internal configuration for Delta 4 and above. Delta 1 & 2 differ slightly.
Deltas 1-12 offer a choice of ‘air-off’ positions for the supply air. ‘Mirror-image’ versions are available for Delta
4-12 models. The larger Delta 14 & 16 model also offers many options
including front or rear ‘air off’ positions.



Air temperature set back is a standard feature on each Delta
and is controlled by the units time clock. Pool hall temperature is
lowered during a chosen set back period for maximum economy.
Dampers are automatically adjusted to balance air flows.
Unoccupied set back / air heating can be linked to opening /
closing of a pool cover.



          Specification Sheet

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Pool water connections on all models are 11/2” ABS stubs.
Air Off options: Top left, Bottom left or left hand end for standard Delta units 1-12 as shown above.

Additional options apply for Delta 4-16; please enquire. Diagrams shown relate to Delta units
1-12. Details of the Delta 14 & 16 differ slightly.
** LPHW connections on Delta 14 & 16 are fitted on the top face (at the opposite end to the Air-On)



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