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Intex Purespa Bubble therapy Spa

Intex Inflatable Bubble PureSpa therapy inflatable 6 person Hot Tub

A great way to start enjoying the benefits of a hot tub without having to splash out on an acrylic spa.

Intex’s all new patent pending Fiber-Tech™ Construction is designed to provide the Ultimate Affordable Spa Experience.

PureSpa provides relaxation at the touch of a button. The easy-to-use control panel activates the high performance bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage. The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference allowing a stress free spa experience. PureSpa provides simple maintenance with easy-to-replace filter cartridges for lasting enjoyment for up to 6 people.

140 powerful bubble streams for the ultimate relaxation

  • no costly installation required - Purespa runs from a standard 13 amp household plug
  • 30 minutes set up time
  • simple user friendly control panel
  • Puncture resistant construction for years of trouble free use
  • Soft walls and floor for optimum comfort
  • Insulated cover to minimise heat loss and protect from debris
  • Dimensions 3.16m x 0.71m, interior diameter 165cm, water capacity 1098 litres
  • Totally portable, easy to store and transport in the storage bag supplied
  • Double insulated, energy efficient 2200W heater
  • CE and GS certification



Seat Capacity: Up to 6 People
Water Capacity: 1089 litres
Inner/Outer Diameter: 3,16m / 165cm
Height: 71cm
Gauge: 0.84mm
Material: Laminate PVC
Internal Construction: 48 Fiber-Tech Beams
Shipping Weight: 45kg
Carton Dimensions: 80cm x 56.5cm x 52cm
Carton Cube: 0.235m2
Bubble Air Blower: 0.9HP 220-240V
Heater: 2200W 220-240V
Temperature Range: 20 -40 degrees Celcius
Temperature Rise: 1.5 - 2.5 degrees Celcius / hour
Bubble Jets: 120
Site preparation and requirements
• The spa can be installed indoor or outdoor. For household use only.
• The spa must be setup on a level, flat and smooth surface that is capable of supporting the maximum load of the filled spa with four adult occupants; weight 1136Kg (2500 lbs).
• Make sure the area is free of sharp objects under or around the spa.
• Provide adequate drainage system around the spa to deal with overflow water and splashes.
• Provide a properly located power outlet to connect the spa and allow easy access for periodic testing of the cord mounted GFCI/RCD.
• Make sure there is enough clearance around the spa for full access to the spa equipment for maintenance and/or service.
• The area shall facilitate draining purposes during long term spa storage.
Additional requirements for indoor installation
• Make sure the fl oor can support the full weight of the filled spa with the maximum number of occupants. Check with a qualified contractor or a structural engineer to verify this requirement.
• Make sure the floor is water resistant and non-slip surface. Do not install the spa on carpet or other materials that will be damaged by moisture, condensation.
• Do not install the spa indoors on a second floor above finished living space due to the possibility of water and humidity damage.
• Humidity is a natural side effect of indoor spa installation. The room shall be properly ventilated to allow moisture to escape. Install a ventilating system to prevent excess condensation, moisture in the room.
Additional requirements for outdoor installation
• Spa owners may need to comply with local or states laws relating to childproof fencing, safety barriers, lighting, and other safety requirements. Contact your local building code enforcement office for further details.
• Make sure the surface is level, flat, smooth and strong enough to support the full weight of the filled spa.
• Do not setup the spa on grass or dirt, as this increases the amount of debris entering the spa, and damage the spa floor.
• Do not expose the spa to direct sunlight for extended period of time.
• It is possible to install and leave the spa outside at a temperature not lower than 4°C (39°F) provided the water
 emperature inside the spa is higher than 4°C (39°F) and the water inside the circulation system, pump, pipe are not frozen. Put a “temp barrier mat” between the spa floor and the ground to prevent heat loss from the bottom of the spa and to provide better heat retention.


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